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Ideas For a Memorial Service That You Should Try

Holding a memorial service is the best way to honour someone who has passed away. it’s also an opportunity to reflect on their life and celebrate them as they would have wanted you to remember them. When it comes to memorial service ideas, there are many ways that you can go about planning one. You may actually want to consider having your own funeral or cremation instead of using a traditional church-based ceremony. This will actually give you abit more control over how things happen at the event. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are greatideas for a memorial service:

1) Have a party
A celebration of the person’s life could be held in his/her home town with friends and family attending. This will allow people to reminisce about the good times together while enjoying food and drink. It might even include music and dancing! A fun day out for everyone involved.
2) Create a slideshow presentation
You can create a slide show from photos taken during the person’s lifetime. These images can then be displayed on a screen so guests can view them again and again. The slideshows can be created by yourself or hired through online companies. This will help keep memories alive long after the actual event itself has happened.
3) Write down stories
Memories fade quickly but writing them down helps ensure that they stay fresh in our minds forever. There are plenty of apps available which make this process easy too. Just take note of any funny anecdotes or interesting facts about the person and write these down when you think of something amusing.


4) Make a video tribute
If you don’t feel confident creating a written story, why not try making a short film? With technology becoming cheaper all the time, anyone can now record themselves talking about what made the person special. Uploading videos onto social media sites like Facebook and YouTube makes sharing much easier.
5) Organise a charity fundraiser
memorial service ideas if you know the person well enough, organising a fundraising event in their memory could raise money for a cause close to their heart. For example, if he was passionate about animal welfare, you could organise a dog walkathon where participants pay to sponsor dogs before taking part in the race. Alternatively, you could hold a quiz night where prizes are awarded to those who answer questions correctly. Whatever idea you come up with, just make sure that it raises funds for a worthy cause.

There are lots of different options open to you when thinking about memorial service ideas. Some of these suggestions require little effort whereas others need careful thought and preparation. Whichever option you choose, do whatever feels right for you and your loved ones. Remember though, no matter what happens, always cherish the memories you’ve had together.

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