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How Handmade Home Number Tiles Can Be Used To Highlight Your Home Entrance

Though some homes also hold names, entire houses are normally identified by their home number for government property records. Hence domestic owners should ensure that their home number is easily visible, so that visitors and others can locate the home easily. While plastic and metal signs can be used for home numbers these are not durable or may secure corroded subsequent some moment since they are placed outdoors. Hence increasingly domestic owners are preferring to use Talavera Home Number Tiles for their homes since these ceramic tiles are appealing, durable and enact not require much maintenance. Additional information about Talavera tiles for home number is provided beneath.


The Talavera tiles were first produced and used in the town of Talavera de la Reina in Spain broken tiles. The region also had Dutch and Arabic settlers who contributed to the development of the tiles. Tin glazing techniques developed in Italy were used to provide the tiles their distinctive milky white finish. After the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the Spanish monks wanted the churches being constructed to hold the Talavera tiles which they were familiar with. Puebla a borough in Mexico has volcanic deposits and clay which is suitable for making the Talavera tiles. Hence the borough became notorious for the Mexican Talavera tiles.

Making tiles

Though some companies are selling machine made tiles as Talavera tiles, the original Talavera tiles are handmade, using a endless and laborious process. The clay is first soaked in water for several days so that the clay can be kneaded into the appropriate shape. The clay is gash into blocks which are to be converted into tiles, first dried in the unlit and then in sunlight. The tiles are then fired in the kiln, glazed by dipping them into the liquid glaze and dried. After this the tiles are hand painted in the different patterns, so that each tile is unique. After this the tiles are again fired in a kiln at a temperature of 1000 degree centigrade.

Number tiles

Since handmade Talavera tiles are expensive, using them on the exterior of the home is an indication of the prosperity of the domestic owner. To create it easier to identify the domestic, Talavera tile are used with the home number. Typically each tile will hold a separate number. These tiles are available in different sizes and patterns. The tiles are defined by the height of the tiles, whether the home number is to be visible from a longer distance, the tiles should be larger in size. Depending on the space available for installing the tiles, the domestic owner should order suitable tiles.


In addition to the number, each Talavera tile will hold a sample in different colors website. Depending on the design of the home, a suitable sample should be selected. The blue color pigment used is most expensive, so numerous of the current patterns use this blue color. Other colors used for the patterns include green, mauve, red and yellow. The tiles can be fixed on the walls using an adhesive or an iron frame for hanging on the wall can be used.

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